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We capture the stories behind Haunted Attractions, Haunted House Scare Attractions, and Halloween. Interviewing the people who make up this wild and crazy industry.

We also host a membership community, The Haunter's Toolbox, where you can come learn how to start and grow your own Haunted Attraction.

Episodes since 2011.

Nov 30, 2019


What is HAuNTcon?

HAuNTcon will push your attraction business out of its comfort zone and introduce you to game-changing new products, ideas, and concepts. Improve your Haunted Attraction, start a new Haunt related business, or get ideas for next season. It's more than a tradeshow, it's an innovative experience where the haunt community creates the future of the industry.

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The Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Convention (HAuNTcon) will be hosted once again in the historic city of New Orleans, Louisianna from January 17-19th, 2020. View their website here:


A haunted couple in costume at the HAuNTcon costume party.


What's new at HAuNTcon for 2020?


  • The Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Convention (HAuNTcon) will be hosted once again in the historic city of New Orleans, Louisianna from January 17-19th, 2020. View their website here:


  • NEW advanced educational seminars and workshops will help you prepare your Haunted Attraction or Home Haunt for success next season.


  • NEW Halloween and Haunted House vendors will be setting up booths so you can be the first one to see the hot new products for 2020.


  • If you're one of the vendors, a new digital way of capturing your customer's information is now in place. This also makes it easier for buyers as it streamlines the information you want straight to you.


  • NEW entertainment but the same fun and FREE drinks for the first 3 HOURS at the Brewing, Boos, & Booze Costume Party. One of the best costume parties in the Haunt Industry! Get Your Tickets Here.


  • NEW scares added to the 3 Mississippi Haunted Attractions (The Terror Test, Terror on the Coast, & Trail of Terror) that you'll experience on the bus tour on Thursday. Lights on and Lights off. 8:30 am-10pm


  • a NEW Haunters to Watch award program that any Haunter can enter, or you can nominate another Haunter, for rising above and beyond in the industry. The prize package includes a paid 2-night stay in New Orleans, a FREE VIP ticket to HAuNTcon, and a bunch of recognition in the industry. Hosted by the Haunted Attraction Network.


  • And many NEW offers plus the Fashion Show, the Networking groups, the streamlined flow of the showroom floor, and lots more!

How to prepare for HAuNTcon before and during the show.


  • Plan your education track before you go. All of the seminars and workshops will be listed on the website before you leave, create a plan of attack and pencil in back-up classes just in case you change your mind. There are many classes...all included in the ticket price.


  • Save money by going with friends. If you team up, a few people can split the cost of a hotel room. You can also split up and attend different seminars then compare notes after. Divide and conquer.


  • Dress comfortably. There is much walking in New Orleans and the convention center is HUGE! Bring comfortable shoes, possibly a coat or jacket (we needed one last year), and a shoulder bag large enough for catalogs/T-shirts/small merchandise.


  • Respect the vendors. HAuNTcon offers many cool products for your Haunted Attraction, Home Haunt, or your Halloween lifestyle. But be aware of other people waiting to chat with the vendors too. Ask your questions and move on to the next booth. Come back when they're not as busy (usually early morning or right before close).


  • Pace yourself. HAuNTcon + New Orleans can be lots of fun! But you need to survive the weekend and get the most out of your stay. Try to get enough sleep so you have the brainpower to retain your seminars, stay hydrated to keep you going, and enjoy the cajun cuisine...carefully.


  • Stick to your gameplan. Know roughly where you want to focus on before you go. What costumes, equipment, and props do you need? What do you need to learn for the next Haunt season? What is your budget for 2020?


  • Enjoy your stay. New Orleans is a very historical city. Take advantage of after-hour tours and events.