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We capture the stories behind Haunted Attractions, Haunted House Scare Attractions, and Halloween. Interviewing the people who make up this wild and crazy industry.

We also host a membership community, The Haunter's Toolbox, where you can come learn how to start and grow your own Haunted Attraction.

Episodes since 2011.

Jan 16, 2022

Things you'll find in this Haunt Master Class

  • How to save money and time when designing your attraction.
  • How to be more creative.
  • Prepare your mindset for this next season. What do you really need to focus on?
  • ...and lots more things on Haunt Mindset!

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Dec 5, 2021

We discuss the Haunt Industry trends of 2021 and what you need to focus on in 2022. Special Guests Philip Hernandez from Haunted Attraction Network and Alex Linebrink from Haunt Pay. 

  • Where to focus your time & money in 2022
  • How customers are changing for the best and worst
  • What happened to Haunted attractions in...

Oct 27, 2021

We dive into Halloween with The Crawford School of Terror teaching you lessons in fear, Midnight Syndicate drops some new tracks, and Terror Isle stops in to share his experience as a brand new haunted attraction. 

Sep 11, 2021

In this Master Class we get Allen Hopps from Dark Hour Haunted House and Drew Badger from The Big Scary Show to discuss Scare Actor tips and tricks. 

Where to find them, how to hire them, ways to train them, and when to let them go. 

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Aug 12, 2021

In this BONUS episode we talk to Jan Knuth, the author of Not Afraid To Slay, about her journey writing the book and what she learned in the process. 

We also talk about her Haunt, Grayhouse Haunts. 

Buy her book here. 

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