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We capture the stories behind Haunted Attractions, Haunted House Scare Attractions, and Halloween. Interviewing the people who make up this wild and crazy industry.

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Aug 15, 2019

It's getting harder to get people to hear about your haunted house. You've got an awesome haunted attraction but your attendance isn't growing. There are so many channels like social, radio, TV...where do you spend your marketing money for your Haunt?


We interview Alex Berland and Nick Levanti with Conjured Media and pick their brains about marketing your haunted house in today's market, where to focus your advertising budget, and how they can help you save time and money.


Haunt season is here. Do you have your marketing and advertising started yet? Bust your butt these next 3 months and then take a breather in November. can try to do the marketing all yourself or hire an agency to help. I've done both.


Here is a little about Alex & Nick and what you'll hear inside this podcast. Reach out to them if you have any questions.


Who is Conjured Media?


"Our mission is to elevate the haunted attractions industry by ushering in a new era of growth, achieved with high quality creative and cutting edge digital marketing. The core to our philosophy is our business first approach. We work with our partners to identify what their business needs to grow and how to best implement those solutions through a marketing lense. We don’t like to look at our clients as clients, but rather as partners. For us, success is built on a strong foundation of trust and accountability."



What's inside this podcast?


  • How to get more customers to see and remember your Haunted Attraction
  • Where to spend your marketing dollars online
  • Why customer relationships are important
  • Marketing and Advertising Your Haunt Checklist
  • Bonus Haunt Consulting Interview


One of their clients. Schmitts Farm. Visit them here.


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