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We capture the stories behind Haunted Attractions, Haunted House Scare Attractions, and Halloween. Interviewing the people who make up this wild and crazy industry.

We also host a membership community, The Haunter's Toolbox, where you can come learn how to start and grow your own Haunted Attraction.

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Sep 1, 2018

Haunt Marketing: How to get more customers to find your attraction

If you have a difficult time getting customers through your Haunted Attraction, you're not alone. All of us struggle with it. Slowly trying to up the attendance, trying to retain your current customers, & finding your exact type of customer.

In this audio podcast you will learn some of techniques that I have personally experimented with and have researched from other haunt owners that work for them. 

A few things you'll learn in this podcast: 

  • Low cost effective marketing ideas
  • Time saving social media tricks
  • Start up checklist you should be doing
  • Rules for legal contests on social media
  • Local advertising techniques to try
  • Where you should spend your money
  • and MUCH MORE! 

In this informative session, I will present some of the marketing and advertising methods we have used in the past that have gotten customers through our doors and continue to get attendee engagement. Most of my methods are budget friendly and can be scaled to meet your budget funds. Just plug and play.


We also play tunes from Verse 13, Sam Haynes, and Gore-Galore!


What was included in this LIVE Master Class:

  • Live video with presentation and Questions asked throughout
  • Video and Audio replay included after master class
  • Get ideas with other Haunters in the exclusive Chat Room
  • Answers to every question you have. It's a Seminar!
  • If you can't make, you still get to watch it.
  • All resources and powerpoints included.


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A little about me. Brian Foreman.

4th year Co-owner of the Dead factory Haunted House in Mexico, Missouri and lover of all things SCARY. Small town haunt with big soul..and a tiny budget.

I've been a Home Haunter, Scare Actor, Manager, Designer...and most things in between, but I'm always learning. Maybe I can share a thing or two with you!