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We capture the stories behind Haunted Attractions, Haunted House Scare Attractions, and Halloween. Interviewing the people who make up this wild and crazy industry.

We also host a membership community, The Haunter's Toolbox, where you can come learn how to start and grow your own Haunted Attraction.

Episodes since 2011.

Apr 16, 2018

In this podcast episode, we talk to Robert Nulton from The Haunt Rater about the elements that he feels makes up a great Haunted Attraction experience and how you can improve your show for next season.

The Haunt Rater

The Haunt Rater has been reviewing and walking through Haunted Houses since 2008. They've seen the small town haunts and the nationally recognized ones. They also offer haunt consulting and try to make the haunted attraction industry better through all of their services.

If you want to get these guys to help you improve your Haunt or just reach out and say hi, visit The Haunt Rater website here.


haunt rater

Robert has also starting working on the Haunter's Association which is still in it's infancy, but he is searching for like-minded individuals who want to build a community around doing haunted attractions the right way. You can contact Robert at the Haunter's Association here.

Haunters Association

Keeping your Haunted Attraction fresh, safe, and entertaining are just a few things you need each year to provide your customers with a great experience. Getting another experienced Haunter's point-of-view can help bring a new perspective to your venue, sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in. Thanks Robert for taking your time chatting with HaunTopic Radio!

And don't forget we have our own Membership Community at the Haunter's Toolbox where we host monthly live online workshops to help you continue to improve your Haunted Attraction. The Haunter's Toolbox: You can become a member for FREE here.

how to start a haunted house business